Second Life by Michael Dawson
"Do you believe in dreams?"


"Second Life" is a creative thriller crossing the boundaries between the real world and the virtual world of second life.  The story stands up on its own as a piece of writing but despite this Michael has put together a unique and complex marketing strategy for the production. It started life as a 15-minute radio play written for a Channel Four competition called "The radio plays the thing".  Despite never offering any of his work for reading Michael was incredibly successful in reaching the last eight in the competition.  Michael then independently commissioned and produced the audio/demo version of the play available below. It gained lots of airplay through word of mouth when uploaded to its own myspace pages.  During the winter of 2008 Michael worked on the extended script.  Another competition came along, this time from Channel Four television called "PILOT".  It required an outline for a six-part TV drama including sample script and pitch.  For the second time Michael was successful in reaching the last ten of a major Channel 4 TV competition from 1200 entrants. 

Encouraged by this success Michael offered the treatment to four TV production companies and received positive responses from three.  This resulted in face-to-face meetings with one as well as other interested parties in the near future. From its conception the project has attracted the interest of one major technology company in New York who have now committed to being involved if and when production begins.

Pitching the literary version to a number of literary agents prompted a similar positive response with specific requests for the initial sample chapters from four agents.



Second Life radio play audio/demo.

This is the self produced audio demo version of the Second Life radio play.  It is effectiely episode one of the longer six-part version that was shortlisted by Channel Four for the second time. It was made with the help of actors from Knutsford Little Theatre in Cheshire.  The theme music is Caribesque and is included with the kind permission of "india Mill"


Revolutionary Technologies 
The T.V. version and ongoing marketing require the use of a number of new technologies.  There will be a requirement to provide audio/video press interviews from virtual "Second Life" actors.  The actors don't exist as human beings but do exist as second lifers.  The press can be provided with downloadable answers as in the demo below.  Some of the scenes are filmed in "Second Life" itself as well as the real world, again this has been brilliantly done in "Bells & Spurs" below.  All these technologies are available currently as demonstrated. 
On line speaking avatars are already available and in use just like the ones used in the Second Life audio.  They can of course be utilised in audio form for press interviews. Simply making a range of answers available to news editors makes it simple.
One of many web based technology company who specialise in talking computer avatars as used in Second Life.  They are aware of this particular production.
Some of the scenes require shooting live action and on location within the virtual world of Second Life as this video shows. Just as in the real world these actors exist in Second Life.
A brilliant movie filmed on location inside of second Life.  This required set buliding and live acting within the virtual world.  Just like real movie making editted and put together online.
The virtual actors can provide audio/video and paper press interviews using preloaded answers as this demo shows. Genuine virtual celebrities in their world.
It can be done.  This is a demo interview with one of the virtual actors who feature in second life.  Radio/TV and press will all give the actors a voice and image.
  Second Life will be the very first production to use virtual actors who actually reside in a virtual world.  They will provide their own audio, video and paper press interviews.  Making the first genuine celebrities to the 10 million second life users   

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Credits radio demo
  Kate - Ali Huniford
  Tony - Shean Duvall
  Dave - Mike Dawson
Theme music with kind  permission of India Mill