Second Life by Michael Dawson
"Do you believe in dreams?"

"Second Life"
Michael Dawson
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Six part TV drama Treatment pdf
Second Life is available as a six part tv drama treatment.  This treatment was shortlisted for Channel Fours "PILOT" Competition. Below is a complete outline of the first episode along with briefs for the following five to complete the scenario.  By clicking on the left you can download and print a pdf version of the document.
Pdf Download Radio Script
"Second Life" Radio Play Script pdf
This is the origional short radio version which reached the final of Channel Fours "The Radio Plays The Thing"  This is the version which has been self produced as a 23 minute radio drama and is available in audio form on the home page.
"Second Life" Short audio version download
"Second Life" Radio play audio version
This is the self produced audio version of the radio play and is available for download here for sampling and not for public broadcast.
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