Life on Mars is a stage show like no other, pushing technology to its limits. A visually stunning spectacle that cannot be defined in any traditional category of performance. It seamlessly combines elements of Rock Opera, Illusion, drama and live action along with 21st Century holographic techniques. Using the very latest technology it is set to bring live performance to a level never before achievable.

Based on the novel by Michael J Dawson available now.

Get ready in 2017 for the biggest stage spectacle of a lifetime.

It has never been done before because it has never been possible before!


“A futuristic, androgynous love affair that spans a thousand years in which a man sacrifices his death instead of his life (as is often the case) to save humanity.”
‘Life on Mars’ has always been primarily conceived as a stadium stage production. It will never be a stage production based on a book but the other way round.

It must have been around ten minutes after Vic died that he first heard the voices but he didn’t know what they were. Not who they were, but what they were. It wouldn’t be long before he remembered what voices were and what made them. He would know what everything was in fact, as his mind slowly built a picture of a universe he once existed in. In that universe were things, and one of those things had been Vic Jones. If he had been in possession of any conscious thought five minutes ago he would have been quite pleased with himself. The suicide had gone exactly as planned and he had no reason to believe everything else wouldn’t. He had left clear instructions for his entire body to be placed in cryogenic suspension until such time as a cure existed for the cancer that was about to ravage his body. That is until he actually did have conscious thought.

One of his first conscious thoughts was “Something must have gone wrong, very wrong indeed.”

Life on Mars by Michael J Dawson is a valuable in all good retailers. Buy it on paper HERE

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Life on Mars Audio Book Cover

The fantastic news is that Life on Mars is being made available as an audio book. Soon you will be able to join thousands of others by listening to your favourite book in the gym, car or at home. The book is narrated by the one and only Don Warwick who has to be one of the best in the business. Available now on iTunes and Audible.

Michael J Dawson is the author of numerous stage productions and film projects including the award winning ‘Jesus is a City Fan’ and the double award winning script ‘Second Life’

His podcast was a finalist in the European Podcast of the Year. He has produced a number of non fiction works under a Pseudonym as well as presenting to TV and radio along with various forays into the world of stand up comedy. He is based in Cheshire U.K. and is the CEO of Sour Grape Productions Limited.

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