Second Life by Michael Dawson
"Do you believe in dreams?"


Michael J Dawson


Michael has presented and produced a radio show in South Manchester for around four years.  He also edits and hosts a popular current affairs podcast as a spin off from the show itself.  As part of his broadcast and podcast features he has produced high quality hard hitting documentary style radio by working intimately with a wide variety of guests.  Speaking to Big Issue vendors about their lives, talking to second world war veterans as well as the prison and mental health services to name a few. Despite this its incredible to note that this is all done under a radio format developed by him called “Dramio”  Put simply it’s a live mixture of drama and radio using sound effects and actors to follow an ongoing thread.  He is known locally on the local stand up comedy circuit and has written and produced radio comedy for a number of years now.

He has a strong interest in developing new musical talent through airplay and encouragement.  He is involved in a youth music project which produces live music for young people by young people.  He will be comparing these live events in Cheshire which are already attended by around 300 people regularly.  He was recently a judge on the panel of another charity battle of the bands competition and has written for one or two music publications.

His controversial screenplay and stage script “The edge of the goldfish bowl” explores the fickleness of the mass media x factor society and religious stereotypes. It was very well received by BBC scriptwriters after being entered into the Bruntwood competition.

He has had recent success with radio drama after reaching the final eight of Channel Four competition “The radio plays the thing”.  He later self produced the twenty-minute drama “Second Life” as part of his radio show and podcast.

In the winter of 2007 he entered a TV treatment to Channel Fours “PILOT” competition and incredibly reached the last ten yet again in a totally unrelated competition from 1200 entrants. 

Since then he has created interest from a number of production companies with various scripts for radio and TV as well as potential sponsorship.

He currently has an entry in the Manchester 24:7 theatre festivals 2008 and is working on three full-length novels as well as numerous smaller projects. 

He currently resides in Knusford, Cheshire.