Second Life by Michael Dawson
"Do you believe in dreams?"

Second Life 
by Michael Dawson
A unique production with unique marketing opportunities.

This is the first opportunity to create a production that crosses over between the real world and the virtual world.  Enabling non-human actors who exist in the virtual world already to do real world press to promote the production and act in it.  It will be attractive to a young tech savvy audience who use second life and associated products.

Lots of the action in the TV version does take place in the real world with real human actors and that is the main premise of the story. However the unique part of this production is that parts of it will be filmed in the virtual world of "Second Life".  It allows us to film on location or by building sets as you can see on the home page example.  As part of a real world production for TV or radio this presents a unique situation. 

Virtual Actors

Some of the parts in the production will be played by avatars who will be real second life residents.  Interest can be gained by offering residents the chance to act in the production.  This can be done by way of online auditions or a competition through the website of the production provider.  There have been many occasions when real life celebrities have appeard in Second Life but this would be the other way round.   Its entirely possible that an avatar who cannot find acting work in our world can do so in Second Life.  The winners of the competition would of course become genuine celebrities for the following reasons.


Its entirely possible to provide press interviews to audio/video and paper press by making answers to interview questions downloadable as featured in the demo interview here.  The press are then able to be the first to talk to virtual actors almost live.  Of course this will give the winners the chance to do further promotional work within Second Life and beyond if they get the coverage.


The online section of the filming could be in a purpose built virtual studio lot or on locations making the second lifers real extras.  These locations could then be made available a part of a tour if a TV or radio provider had a presence within Second Life.


Sitepal are one company who are providing online talking avatars to millions of users.  If they offered their technology into providing the characters for press and promotion purposes it would do a number of things.  Increase the exposure of the production before during and after it is made as well as a brilliant display of their Sitepal technology direct to their market.


The interest in the story and associated promotion would come from the younger end tech savvy market.  They would be able to audition to act in the production as well as take tours of filming and watch promos that include advertising too.  The production itself can be aired online with follow on advertising and promotion opportunities.

Second Life has 10 million registered users and turns over millions of dollars a year.  This is just one of numerous virtual world environments which include massive communities in China and Europe.  Sitepal are also one of many companies providing technology to young web users and they alone have a turnover in access of 10 million dollars.
The production and promotion opportunities could in theory be repeated on numerous platforms.